Monday, 13 November 2017

Hide and seek

“28, 29, 30!  Ready or not, here I come!” My heart beats as fast as a engine. Creepy spiders crawls across the walls while I snuggle in my brown blanket. The door creaked open and I heard stomping, breath noises and loud laughter saying “ Why are you hiding there?” I thought that I was found in the dark miserable cupboard but after I thought to wait until she pops her head in. Lucky it wasn't me. I felt safe inside and then the worst thing of all happened. I opened my mouth and did a loud sneeze and it was loud as a steam train. I heard stomping like thunder crashing down. The cupboard creaked open and slowly creeping in the cupboard was my sister. My sister was looking around like she was looking for treasure. I was waiting as quiet as a mouse. She couldn't find me so she looked for me at another spot and after she left I felt safe.

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