Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Street Art

Street Art Trip Week 1 ^ - ^
This trip I went to the statue of John Robert Godley. I chose to write about because he's famous. I wrote about him on this doc. John Robert Godley was born on 29 May 1814, in Dublin, Ireland, and died on 17 November 1861, in London, England. He was the eldest son of John Godley, an Irish landlord, and his wife Katharine Daly.John Robert Godley is known as the Founder of Canterbury even though he lived here for only two and a half years.
Drama Week 2 (^。^)

Today, we ( Our class ) started a routine, Dance, Drama and Music, once a week. First thing I did ( Out of Dance, Drama and Music ) was Drama. Because of ESOL, I only could do half the time☹️. Just saying ESOL is when people from other countries, ( like me ) fill in the gaps that they don't know but they don't learn it in class. So when I came back from ESOL, it was nearly FINISHED!!! DRAMA WAS MY FAVORITE ONE!!! But my favorite part was that I WAS THE GUDGE( ̄▽ ̄). It was SOOOOOOOOOOO FUN WAITING FOR EVERYONE TO DO MORE FUN STUFF( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). Then we did a show what happened after when little red riding hood’s grandmother got eaten. Well in our way ( just saying I was little red riding hood) the wolf tripped over a rock and then little red riding hood shot the wolf with her sniper rifle and it was very very romantic.
Dance Week 3

I can not dance. I really really really don't want to dance. Last time I danced I tripped over and grease my knee. While I was rolling on the ground, Oliver was laughing at me… This is very very bad. Maybe I might trip and the police will catch me and my whole body will break and my head will hurt and I'm going to explode and the sun will implode and the universe will explode and everyone will die. Luckily I was at ESOL for half the time. But maybe I might trip and the police will catch me and my whole body will break and my… Do I have to write this all down? Well actually… IT WAS VERY VERY FUN ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). Tejas and I had fun dancing. Sorry I didn't tell this but you get your friend and make dance moves of using a lawnmower and washing clothes. But my favorite is still Drama and now I only have music left. I wish it's fun.
Speech week 5

I do not like speech. I get very nervous. I am brave enough to write my speech on here. Here it comes
Most people know what a playground is but, do you think it's somewhere to get smashed by a swing? For me, it is. 
“ Let's play on the swing!” Again! My friends said that for the 1,000,000th time this week! We played paper scissors rock to pick who's using the swing first. I came 2nd. Waiting for your turn is not fair. I Waited and Waited AND WAITED. UNTIL I FOUND OUT THAT I WAS THE ONLY ONE THAT DIDN'T HAVE A TURN! I'll give you 10 seconds until it's my turn. My friend counted.10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 -1 -2 -3 -4????? WAIT!!! CAN YOU COUNT!! MY TURN!! Ok. My turn has come. But… I NEED YOU TO GET OFF! GOOD. I wish nothing bad happens to DONK! What do you think happened. Got smashed by a swing going over 9000 KM H. ( I can't count as well) Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Hey help. I'm hurt. My nose is bleeding. BEST DAY. THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT ME. “ Hold your nose Jack” “ GET A TISSUE AND STOP PLAYING ON THE PLAYGROUND” I shouted. A nice lady heard me shouting like I'm a boss in a army from world war 2. The nice lady said “ Oww. Are you ok?” “I'm fine.” I replied. I'm actually not. I just didn't want to say HEEEELP MEEEE!!! I'M GONNA DIEEEE!!!! DO. YOU. HAVE. A. TISSUE!!! My nose was bleeding like a blasting water fountain. What I thought. She did nicely give me a packet of tissues. This is what I needed. The day I got growled at because my book ripped in half and after that  I got smashed by a swing going over 9000 KM H. This is the best part of my day. Waaaait. THIS DAY IS THE WORST DAY OF MY LIFE!! THIS PACKET HAS RAN OUT OF TISSUES!!! IMA DIE TODAY!!! THINK JACK THINK!! USE A LEAF FOR A TISSUE!! IT'S THE EXACT SAME!!!! FOUND OUT THAT A LEAF NEVER WORKED. WHAT DO I DO KNOW!!!! RUN AROUND THE WHOLE WORLD AS FAST AS USAIN BOLT!!! SMASH MY FACE ON SAND!!! NOW MY FACE IS COVERED IN SAND!!! I'm going to die know. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. WAIT A MINUTE!!!!! ARE YOU JOKING!!!! MY NOSE STOPPED BLEEDING BECAUSE I SMASHED MY FACE ON THE SAND!!! BUT HOW?????? No one knows. 
If you have a bleeding nose what do you do? Well I will smash my face as hard as I can on the sand. Will concrete work. I'll try it out next I get a bleeding nose.

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