Monday, 20 June 2016

Camp experience

Tree Climbing 
Do people judge how bad you are at climbing or how scared you are of high places? It's not how bad you are. If you just try your best, that means you never give up. Once when I was at my friends house, my friend said “ There's a game that you're in high places. I'll beat you up because you're scared of high places. You climb the ladder and then beat the other person up.” That did not make any sense but WRONG! I bet him in 21 seconds. Something happened that made me understand people that can't judge how bad you are at climbing or scared of heights.

At camp we prepared a day for tree climbing. My heart was beating at the speed of light. One step, two steps, getting closer and closer to the gigantic still tree. When we arrived in a bunch, one thing that was glued straight onto my eyes, two tall trees. 

We all came as a bunch, walking with our water bottles. First we needed to take our bags off and line up as straight as a pencil. The instructor said the instructions. I knew it will be long but it was longer than I thought! I nearly died! It was more than 1000000000 years long! ( all together kind of 15 minutes. Who cares.) I started climbing up the tree. Everyone looked like small toys. When I looked down I thought I'll slip and fall. “DO NOT LOOK DOWN!” I whispered. I really wanted to go down because I was too scared. I shouted “ Ice cream!” To go down but the teacher said still climb up. I never gave up. I went a little higher than Ollie. I felt proud of myself. That was a very scary day and after, I had a big bruise from mountain biking and that was the worst.


I think I'm doing well because I use language features that I need to learn like My heart was beating at the speed of light.
My next step is to learn more language features and know what it means.

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