Thursday, 31 March 2016

Discovery Time

Discovery Time Reflection

Today at Discovery Time I was used rubber fake loom bands to make a bracelet. I made it with Soe hyun, ( the leader )Mia, Sean, Ollie N and Niko. I made it in Room 12. 

The role I played was listening and watching Seo hyun and maybe help someone else because Seo hyun helped me.

A strategy that I used was putting the loom bands on the bottom of my 2 fingers. I used this strategy because the loom bands will fall off so I had to start again. Somethings new I learnt was not to do it that fast or you will muck it up. Something that was a challenge for me was putting the loom bands back on because it's truly annoying!

 I showed a growth mindset when I failed. When I failed I tried again and again and then I did it even slower and then I did it! 

I got a little lesson. Next Discovery Time I'll try to not make a mistake.