Thursday, 31 March 2016

Discovery Time

Discovery Time Reflection 

At Discovery time, I played soccer with Oliver T, Leon, Liam, Oliver S, Sean, Niko and Ollie N. I think Oliver T did really good because Oliver T never in his life played soccer and he did the best pass to me. Me and Liam got the most goals.
The role I played was listening to Leon and Oliver N what to do. Some games I didn’t know how to play it like king of the ring and then I won so I started loving the game. 
When we started playing a new game, I used a skill. The skill I used was side stepping, fake passing, listening and toe hacking. Toe hacking is using your toe to kick the ball. It works! Why I used it was, helping my teammates win game. Everyone really wanted to be me in their team.
A struggle for me was passing perfectly like Oliver T. Something new I learnt was long shot. Long shots I did was toe hack. It didn't work but I learnt it today.
A growth mindset I showed was helping and teamwork. I didn't just help others, I let people having turns with the ball. I cheered other people and sometimes clap but I say to everyone even on the other team that missed the goal “nice try. Next time you could do it.”
Next Discovery Time I will show an improvement by being fair. I wasn't being that fair because when it was unfair teams, I didn't say a single word.
Overall I had a great time at Discovery Time.


  1. Jack - it's great how you are adding detail to your reflection. This is giving me a much clearer idea of what you did during Discovery Time and what you have learnt. Kiri