Thursday, 31 March 2016

Discovery Time

Discovery Time Reflection 
At Discovery Time, I taught Jay how to do kendo. Jay said “ The armor looks really cool .” I felt a little bit happy that he said that.

The role I played was being a teacher and try to make him listen to me ( I tried my best but he didn't listen to me.)

The strategy  I used helping Jay was holding stuff for him and tying a butterfly knot on the back of the armor because Jay can try the armor on.

Something new I learnt was Jay is good at tying knot, a little helpful and calm .

A little struggle/challenge for me was making Jay stop or drop the shinai and do his stuff.

I showed a growth mindset when I helped Jay because on the start Jay didn't know anything about Kendo and I teached how to do it.

Overall it was a great day of Kendo and I maybe will do it next  time.

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